About the ELDERS
Other Crazy Stuff
The ELDERS were a rock and roll band that existed between 1966 and 1976, and toured around much of the eastern United States over that period of time. The members of the band are now old, fat, slovenly, and fairly peculiar (at least, according to their neighbors).

Despite the ravages of the many years since they parted ways, they nonetheless have a new CD in recent release. It isn’t really a “new” record. It’s actually a re-release of their first album from 1971 called; “Looking for the Answer” (GearFab Records, # GF-244). The album was recorded long before cell phones and Facebook, so that may explain why it has taken so long for it to garner any attention.

There are other equally plausible explanations, but we’ll stick with that one for the time being.

The ELDERS began their musical journey as “The Others”, but when another band released a record under that name, it was a bit like grabbing the first “dot-com” domain; first come, first served. So they changed their name to “the ELDERS”, and from that time on suffered much derision by their peers in the rock and roll business as; “the Old Men”.

Well, now that they literally are “old men”, such taunts mean little, and now they have no particular problem in presenting their works, as well as their story, here for all you history buffs to peruse at your pleasure. The ELDERS, whatever they may have been, are now whatever they may be to a new generation of music fans.

Theirs could be a tale of inspiration, or one of caution. We would advise caution.