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In 1966, a small item appeared in a local Ohio newpaper, the Tipp (City, Ohio) Herald, announcing a home-school festival to be held that week in the high school gym. Like many such local celebrations, there would be hats, balloons, baked goods, soft drinks... and a band. In this case it was to be "The Others". This was their first actual gig together after having rehearsed for several weeks.

The show went well, and soon the band began playing more such things, as well as after-game parties at various high schools around the area. Because the band members went to several different schools at the time, they developed a local following in short order.

One of the band's local haunts was a recreation hall in Tipp City, OH called (cleverly) "The Rec". The manager of the Rec was a local guy named Mike Muha, and he performed the function of being the "grownup-in-residence" for the place, since he was over 21. He took a liking to the band and began to act as their manager, providing a central phone number and point person.


Mr. Muha performed the function for about a year, mostly insuring steady work for the band at the "Rec" hall.

"The Others" were actually quite entrepreneurial for their time, and realizing that there was a market for after-game entertainment there in Tipp City, they began to sponsor their own dances on a regular basis, renting out the basement of a local building and holding regular after-game dances there. They would often hire other bands to play on the show as well, and one such group was called: the "Pictorian Skiffuls", a highly regarded group in the area, with one of the top drummers of their time and place, Ron Skinner.

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