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About the ELDERS - The ELDERS, in its final form, consisted of four men from the Dayton, OH area: (clockwise from the left)

Jerry Geering (Bass),

Robert Budding (Guitar),

Ron Skinner (Drums), and

Patrick Smith (Keyboards).

Originally named "The Others", the group started as two separate bands which shuffled members and merged to become what would later be known as; "The ELDERS". Early in their career, they performed mostly in and around Southwestern Ohio.

With their original membership, the "Others" recorded their first song for release on a 1966 compilation album of music from local bands in the Dayton area called; "The Dayton Scene", a project underwritten by a local radio station. Shortly thereafter, they recorded a "B" side, and released the two songs as a "single" on the same record label; "Prism Records".

As time went on, the band's membership evolved, their local popularity rose, and they attracted offers from a number of record labels, agents, and management firms. Around this time, another band called: "The Others" released a single on a national label, and, having not copyrighted the name, the group decided on a name change. It was to be "The ELDERS" (the name is in CAPS because that was the way the word appeared on their logo, in Arnold Bocklyn typeface).

Under a new management and production contract, they recorded their only released album; "Looking for the Answer", for Audio Fidelity Records in 1971. That album went into worldwide distribution shortly thereafter, and onward into oblivion shortly after that.

The band continued to tour, perform, and record for five years thereafter (sounds like a good name for a rock band, doesn't it?), a total band-life of ten years. They recorded a number of pieces for a new, self-produced album, but musical styles changed, marriages came and went, and financial and other pressures finally did the band in. They dissolved slowly over a period of time between 1973 and 1975.